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Lykanthea’s ‘Migration’ EP drops July 29th!

Rasplyn is incredibly excited to be a featured artist on Lykanthea’s upcoming EP, ‘Migration’ set to drop on July 29th. The mega-deep tracks of ‘Migration’ were written and recorded on Delos, Greece and Chicago, IL, the EP is the first in a series of releases loosely inspired by the 4,000-year-old Sumerian myth of the goddess Innana and her journey to and from the underworld. To learn more about the lovely Lykanthea and where you can get this EP follow her here

Rasplyn Chants with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye & Lykanthea

TOMORROW NIGHT!!! May 6th!!! Come chant an invocation to the goddess Durga with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Lykanthea & Rasplyn (me) at The Burlington!!! Great way to start what will be an amazing show!!! Also playing: Elisa Faires, Divine Circles & Matchess!!!

Rasplyn on Kinetic Shapes 887.FM - March 27th, 2014

Catch the full broadcast of Rasplyn and Laughing Eye Weeping Eye on Lykanthea’s Kinetic Shapes show for Radio One Chicago!

Rasplyn is Carolyn O’Neill, who composes otherworldly masterpieces with orchestral elements and dark invocations. Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (LEYE WEYE) is duo Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook, channelers of ancient sounds and landscapes. Hear what they have to say to each other about psychic inspiration, the creative process and using non-traditional instruments!

 Link to broadcast:

Rasplyn plays the ROOMS Gallery - March 21st 8:00pm

Mélange - 2nd Edition 
An Evening of Performance hosted by ROOMS
8PM [doors open @7:30pm] - ROOMS Gallery, 1835 SOUTH Halsted
$10 Suggested Donation (proceeds go straight to performers)

Performances by:
Erik Schardin

DJ: Zan Rosenthal

This is the second in a series of evenings hosted by ROOMS, showcasing the talents of local performing artists. Each performer or group works within a unique spectrum of mediums creating their very own interdisciplinary form. 

ROOMS is the husband and wife team of Todd Frugia and Marrakesh. ROOMS Gallery is the studio in which Marrakesh & Todd Frugia create, perform and curate work.

Rasplyn is the solo project of Carolyn O’Neill who uses her experience with classical composition and film to create mystical and visual landscapes with her music.

Erik Schardin is a Chicago musician who works with experimental guitar loops to create interesting soundscapes.

Zan Rosenthal is a Sound Designer, Actor and Writer. One third of the STEAM ORKESTRE and a founding member of the [Alt] Spaces site responsive theatre group. He will be Featured during pre-show and in between acts.

Come for a lovely and engaging evening.

Mark Barton Praises Rasplyn

On Rasplyn’s14 Black Clouds’, “For me personally, aside some of the finest records we’ve had the pleasure of hearing emerging through the imprint, most notably and without question perched at the top of the list being the Stockhaus-ian playground that is Rasplyn’s frankly jaw dropping ’14 black clouds’ which I urge all Glass, Nyman and Hermann devotees to clamp your ear gear around at the earliest opportunity…”

On ‘Circle Round’ from Alrealon Musique’s 5 Year Anniversary Compilation, ‘Frequencies of Existence: 5 years of Alrealon Musique’, “Hauntingly beautiful and formed from a melodic marriage that entwines the archaic noir chamber motifs of the criminally neglected preterite with what first sounds like the aching glacial cries of ex post facto is Rasplyn’s offering ‘circle round’ – yet hang fire for mid way through something of the dark cinematic romance of dead can dance begins to blossom and unfurl to captivate and entrance.” ~ Mark Barton

Download ‘Circle Round’ here for FREE

Live performance of ‘Circle Round’


Howdy Everyone! Alrealon sure has hit the ground runnin’ in 2014! So much great stuff to talk about alreadythis is sure to be our best year yet! Here’s what’s up!


I’ve got some REALLY…REALLY BIG and GROUNDBREAKING NEWS…Alrealon may just very well be about to release it’s most UPBEAT album yet! On February 17th The Use (Michael Durek) drops his debut Alrealon release, ‘What’s The Use?’ This 10-track album is loaded with hypnotically catchy grooves that lead you, mesmerized, through a glitchy cosma-lectronic universe. This music could easily be your soundtrack to a long stroll out in the desert where you find yourself lying flat-backed and suction-cupped to Mother Earth taking it all in and feeling the movement of the planet beneath you, complete with her electric pulses of life! There are also some beautiful vocals from the mouth of Rachel Mason included in this energizing mix of sound. What a wonderful and eye opening experience this album is! Be sure to check it out next month. The Use also played and The Upvan Festival in Mumbai, India early this month! What an AMAZING experience! Check out some video footage of his performance here.


Next up on the list, on January 28th the first installment of the label’s previously mentioned 3-part 5 year anniversary compilation, ‘Frequencies of Existence: 5 Years of Alrealon Musique’ will be available to all for FREE DOWNLOAD here! This section of the release has awesome exclusive tracks by JOHN 3:16, Rasplyn, Cold Metal Future, FluiD, Omega Dub Experience, MaCu, Ebinger, The Use, and Laica. Alrealon has a lot to celebrate, ‘Founded by Philippe Gerber in 2008, with Christopher Gilmore and Robert L. Pepper joining the management team in subsequent years, Alrealon Musique is looking back on its’ 5 years in operation. In that time, 43 releases from artists around the world, have had the Alrealon Musique logo stamped on them. Having received critical acclaim and with a consistently high quality for each and every release, Alrealon Musique has become a leading label for the hard to define and musically adventurous. Frequencies of Existence: 5 years of Alrealon Musique, brings together old and new friends in a celebration of what has come before and what will come. The music contained here-in, is not easily categorized or described and that’s fine by us!’. I am so proud to be a part of this great and huge compilation! Extra special thanks go out to all of the amazing musicians who participated! This is an opportunity to get your hands on some of the finest music around, at NO COST. Take it!


SOOPER cool news on the [ówt krì] front! Our mate Kenneth Kovasin just debuted a mysterious and captivating video for his track ‘A Darker Sensation’ off his latest release ‘The New Seed’. Check it out here! The video got lovely mentions by Lux Atenea Webzine and Mark Barton. If you’d like to know a bit more about Kenneth K and his music, the lovely Jonathon Watkiss of the Midlands Metalheads radio show, who has been a huge supporter of Alrealon’s artists, just conducted a special interview with our dear [ówt krì]. Check out the interview here, and be sure to check out the radio show was well! In other AWESOME, AWESOME news [ówt krì] and JOHN 3:16 are teaming up and working on a split EP release for later this year!!! I can’t think of too many things more exciting than that! JOHN 3:16 seems to be manning up and dipping a weee…bit more into the metal zone in his works toward this release. Check out his mega-dark new track, ‘The Burnt Tower’ which will be on the release. Keep up the RAWK, boys…keep up the RAWK.


PAS Musique’s 2013 release, ‘Abandoned Bird Egg’ has continued to get great reviews all around. Most recently by Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine, Blow Up Magazine, Spex – Magazin fur Popkultur and The Pit of the Damned. This super fun album even got a spot on Des Cendres a la Cave’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’ list! In case you don’t know them, here is a great interview by Chain D.L.K with the band’s Papa, Robert L. Pepper. Believe me, you want to get know to all of these great guys!


We MUST give a shout out this month to the fabulously verbose darling, Mark Barton who has faithfully supported all things Alrealon in his The Sunday Experience reviews for some time now. In this past month he managed to praise JOHN 3:16 and Jan Swinburne’s video for the track ‘God is Light’, and later mentioned ‘Guardian’ by JOHN 3:16 and FluiD and called my (Rasplyn) ‘14 Black Clouds’ the “Best moment by far this gorgeously haunting floral posy manages to disturb and delight with equal measure to seductively weave together a bewitching forest fantasia inscribed and informed by a gathering of greats such as moondog, Bernard Hermann and Vernon Elliott.”, in his review of Francesco Cosentino’s The Earl Times radio podcast number 8, as well as mentioning [ówt krì]’s ‘Darker Sensation’ video. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MARK for giving Alrealon such attention. It is greatly appreciated!


Mark later made yet another short, but extremely kind mention of my ‘14 Black Clouds’ track which will be released on my debut album via Alrealon this year. My album is still in the works, but is almost complete. I am currently collaborating with an insanely talented holy-man of a musician who calls him Utu Lautturi (The Mist Ferryman) out of Finland on a track for the album and couldn’t be more excited an honored to do so! Also, in the works, I am teaming up with the ever so lovely Lykanthea to play shows around Chicagoland in the coming months and also to cause all kinds of other musical mischief. Here are a couple of video excerpts from my show last month at The Empty Bottle, ‘Priestess of the Goddess’ and ‘Circle Round’. If those don’t tide you over while you wait for my full album release, you can always check out my ‘Priestess of the Goddess’ single, which includes an awesome collaboration with JOHN 3:16.


See ya next month folks! Until then keep your ears open and entertained with all of this great music!


Carolyn O’Neill/Alrealon Musique


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